About Us

Because we’re early childhood specialists, we help you understand all those confusing developmental milestone charts, what they mean, and what you can do to help your child grow.

We’re licensed professionals in our state, in fact your one-stop shop – with over 100 years of experience combined and 11 children between us.

We love working together and are passionate about finding fun and creative ways to help moms through their child’s developmental journey.

Want to get to know us? We definitely want to get to know you.

Meet Becky Rommel

Occupational Therapist

Mom of 4, and proud to have played 4 years of college basketball.

She definitely knows how to be on a team.

Meet Bonny Dent

Physical Therapist

Mom of 3, professor, foster parent, and a church leader who values every person she meets.

Meet Claudia Ortiz

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Mom of 2, Colombian native with the ability to turn any activity or occasion into fun and learning.

Meet Claudia Davisson

Speech Therapist

Mom of 2, originally from Venezuela and loves communication so much she does it in two languages.